Fiberglass Insulation

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Compared to spray foam and other products, fiberglass insulation is less expensive and easier to install.
It also comes with other distinct advantages that it really is an excellent choice for insulating the homes we at Nor-Cal Insulation Inc. serve in San Jose, CA.

Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation

This type of insulation is inexpensive to install yet very cost effective.

This is because fiberglass insulation helps greatly in improving the energy efficiency of your home by sustaining your preferred indoor temperature any time of the year.

When installed properly by experts, you will be sure warm air stays outside your home during summer, but will remain inside in the winter. Because of this, you’ll have a comfortable home regardless of the season.

In addition, you will enjoy a significant decrease in your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Fiberglass insulation can reduce noise as well. When installed properly, fiberglass wall insulation can help reduce indoor noise as well as those coming from the outside.

This is because fiberglass is a naturally sound-absorbent material and, as such, can reduce sound transmissions in walls, ceilings, and HVAC fixtures.

Fiberglass Insulation | Attic Insulation Installation | San Jose California
Fiberglass Insulation | Attic Insulation Installation | San Jose California

Most fiberglass insulation is also fire-resistant. Fiberglass is made from sand and recycled glass and is therefore noncombustible.

This type of insulation material does not need any additional fire-retardant chemical treatments.

In addition, fiberglass insulation retains its fire-resistant feature throughout its lifespan.

In addition, it is an eco-friendly insulation material since fiberglass insulation products are mainly made of recycled glass.

They have significant recycled content, with some batt, roll and loose-fill insulation products containing at least 40 percent recycled glass.

Silica sand (the other main ingredient of fiberglass insulation) is a naturally renewing and abundant resource.

“As such, the use of this substance in producing this type of insulation has no substantial negative impact on the environment.”

Knauf Insulation

Knauf Glasswool Insulation materials are eco-friendly insulating materials as well. They are easy to install, durable, and can also reduce sound transmission in the home when installed properly.

Another key feature is that they do not absorb or hold water when exposed to moisture.

Due to this moisture-resistant quality, the chances of mold growth in the home are greatly minimized.

This type of insulation also improves ventilation in the home and can thus help keep it dry and comfortable during the cold and wet seasons.

If having a damp loft or roof space has always been your problem during winter and the rainy months, you can put a stop to this issue by investing in fiberglass attic insulation installation.

This type of insulation also helps improve the air quality inside homes.

Once installed, unhealthy emissions and other pollutants are reduced. The overall structural integrity of the home is sustained as well.

Fiberglass Insulation | Attic Insulation Installation | San Jose California

Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation plays an important role in keeping your home warm during cold seasons and cold during the hot months.

When you choose the right type of insulating product and you make sure it is installed properly, you will have a safe and comfy home and save money on your energy bills all year round.

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